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Yeo Yoon P.C.

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Yeo Yoon P.C. serves as legal counsel to major local and global corporations who are in need of employment-based green cards and working visas. Our utmost priority is to deliver exceptional service, emphasizing transparency and effective communication in all our dealings. If you or your business requires immediate legal counsel, Yeo Yoon P.C. is always ready to help.

Through a strategic alliance with a prominent South Korean law firm, we offer specialized legal consultancy services focused on litigation representation in South Korea for U.S. companies and vice versa. The expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including trade secrets and intellectual property rights,
international dispute resolution, trade matters, enterprise law, and corporate law within the South Korean jurisdiction.



Practice Areas

US Immigration

Business ImmigrationCompliance (Audit/Appeal)
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Republic of Korea Litigation

Intellectual Property Rights/Trade SecretsSmall to Medium sized Business MattersInternational Dispute/Trade
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We will guide you through the complex world of immigration with expertise and care.  Bring global talent to your doorstep. We are a trusted partner in business immigration.